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Quality Products TCA Party Rentals, provides high quality, clean, and safe inflatable rentals. Our rentals provide hours of fun and entertainment no matter what the age group or theme of the event.

Vast Selection With different types of inflatables, combos and inflatable water slides to choose from, we are sure to have the inflatable just right for your occasion. We are your one stop for value, service and selection.

One Stop Shop TCA Party Rental Company has what it takes to make your every event a success. From large weddings to backyard barbeques, we’ve got just what you need. We believe that every event should be special and memorable.

Personal Attention We strive to give each customer the personal attention required to make sure that every detail is exactly how you would like it, we are highly respected in the party rental business and continue to work to make your event special.

Immaculately Clean

TCA Party Rentals takes obsessive care to give you impeccable cleanliness on all our products. All our products are cleaned and sterilised according to the strictest sanitation procedures. We are totally aware children and adults as well, will perspire, have colds, play in mud then ride inflatables and the such like. This process brings germs and bacteria from one person or contaminated surface to another (this is called cross contamination).

To this end, TCA Party Rentals hold cleanliness as our major hallmark and is one of the reasons we are so highly favoured in the party rental business. After each event, as soon as we return to the office, no matter what time it is, we do a preliminary cleaning of all products returning from an engagement. The following day, we will do a total cleaning of the products, using industry standard specially formulated compounds which remove virtually all bacteria, leaving a safe product for your children to play when you rent from us and leaving you with peace of mind.


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  • Judy C
    I loved how professional TCA was from the beginning ..... Judy S
  • Our Wedding
    Nothing but positive to say about, eased my mind on wedding day... Ashley
  • Ingid G
    Our party was a success due to the support from TCA Rental ... Michael
  • Michael S
    What can I say but wow, such a wide variety to choose from... Ingrid

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